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Art has always been a compulsions. There are recurring themes that persist, in particular Mandalas. I am obsessed with symmetry, geometry, and mysticism.  I was making Mandalas in childhood, long before I knew the word or what they where.

I have disabilities both physical and cognitive, the most pertinent to me being an artist is Attention Deficit. It is common for me to be working on dozens of projects simultaneously, many of which are never finished, and I am nearly incapable of adhering to schedules or meeting deadlines.

I liken my attention span to the blobs of wax in a lava lamp. Things rise while other things sink. I have a brief window of opportunity to work on an item before it slips away. It may rise again later or it may not. The same principle applies to mediums. That is why you see such a menage of categories in my portfolio.

Making greeting cards is a practicality. Most anything I do visual can be printed on a card. I can follow my muse wherever, and It's easy to put down and pick up again. I don't lose any ground when I go for periods without "working on the business."

Thank You again. I hope you enjoy my work.

Jack Cheiky